Services & Features

Unick provides a plethora of value added services and features,
be it functional enhancements, quality management or
aesthetical decoration on your products.

Services & Features

Laminated fix a form multi page labels

Laminated Fix-a-Form multipage labels provide enhaced protection against water and chemicals, giving it an aesthetical pleasing looks. Tailormade solutions can be provided depending upon the application, the size of the container, value added print features, etc.

Low migration food grade packaging

Low migration food grade packaging – multipage labels, PSA labels, mono cartons can be supplied with migration indices conforming to US FDA and European standards.

Hanger labels

Hangers can be incorporated on labels as well as mulltipage labellling solutions be suited for healthcare sector, enablling ease of handling of IV fluid bottles. These prove an effective way to improve customer experience. Tailor made solutions can be offered according to the size and capacity of the container.

Removable leaflets

A very useful feature where a part or the full leaflet/booklet can easily be detached for reference enriching the customer experience.

Collars and neck tags

An innovative way to promote your products. Can be incorporated with mulitpage booklet or leaflet format, providing ample of space for information to support promotional activites.

Quality and line inspection

Unick believes in getting it right at the first time, in order to do so we have developed quality control tools & software at various stages of production to pick up any quality discrepancies. Our state of the art print inspection technology is designed for high speed and accurate inspection of labels and multipage labels with standardized procedures.


Unick’s expertise includes offering braille for leaflets and labels with ultimate height accuracy and precision helping our client base conform to international legislative and consumer demands.

3D texture effect

Psychedelic illusions can be created with various patterns using combinations of lacquers. Can also be incorporated as an anti-counterfeit security feature.


Spot metallisation of the substrate using silver or gold foils, making the packaging aesthectically apealling.

Tactile effects

Bring your labels to life with tactile effects. These raised elements create a compelling aesthetic with labels demanding to be held. These can either be grity, neutral or smooth like braille.

Metal doming

A combination of tactile effects and foiling.

Durable labels

High performance materials specifically designed for the demanding identification, extreme temperatiures, chemical resistance and functional labeling needs of durable goods.

Scratch Off panels

These can be included on the packaging for promotional activities, scratch card coupons, etc. over variable printed data.

Scented label

Fragrance of choice can be added to labels as per the requirement be it for personal care products or any specialised application.

Unick’s tamper evident label with customized message

Tamper evident label, when peeled a ‘customised message’ appears showing that the product has been tampered with. The front facia can be incorporated with other secure features making it a cost effective solution.

Unick’s customized tamper evident secure strip for FAF

Unick’s proprietary secure strip for Fix-a-Form multipage labels enables protection of the product against tampering, by transfering a message once the multipage label has been opened.

Variable data printing

QR codes, 2D matrix, variable/random numbering, etc can be incorporated as per requirements with validated records, where the data can be encoded only at the desired point of contact.

Void material

Tamper evident label, when peeled ‘void’ message appears showing that the product has been tampered with.

Micro text

Printing of text with a font size which is not visible to naked eye, can prevent counterfeiting through digital imaging techniques like scanning, photocopying, etc.

Printed security thread

A specialised printed thread with a combination of hidden text, guilloches and special printing inks can help deter counterfeiting.


Customised holograms to patterned holographic metalisation, can be used to decorate and secure the packaging from counterfeiters.


Spot metallisation of the substrate using various colors of foils, making the packaging aesthetically appealing.

Variable data printing

Variable data printing services can be incorporated depending on the requirement, be it sequential/non sequential numbering, randomised numbering, QR codes, barcodes, back numbering, etc offering tailormade solutions for promotional activities, pharmaceutical and fmcg sectors.