Your Comprehensive Guide to Printing Custom Product Labels

Designing eye-catching, custom and impressive product labels is not a cake walk. There is a lot of intricate planning that goes into it. Label printing companies are often asked about the best tips to create custom product labels. Truth be told, it is a long process, but this post will definitely help you as a starting point.

(Custom Product Labels) Know your product well

It goes without saying that you must know your product well. Whether you are looking for dry peel labels or booklet labels, you got to know your product quite well. For instance, if you want to create a custom label for beer bottles, you need to make sure that the label is water proof and sticks pretty nicely to the bottle. If these points are not paid attention to, the label will succumb to condensation and will fall off the very first time it is touched by anyone.

Hire a good packaging and labeling company

You may have realized already that designing a custom label is not a DIY thing. A reputed label printing company must be hired to get the job done in a professional manner. Ideation, designing and manufacturing of striking custom labels requires much more than just utilizing free resources. Professional label printing companies are hired for reasons more than one.

Seek inspiration

Study some of the best product labels and find out what makes them stand apart. Remember that there is a huge difference between seeking inspiration and plagiarism. Your product label says a lot about your product. If you want your product label to leave an impact, carry out an extensive research. Label printing companies have a team of talented designers. These designers have a creative bent of mind, necessary expertise and hands on experience. They bear in mind plethora of points while designing a product label.

Print them properly

Last but the most important stage is printing. If your labels do not print properly, all designing efforts will go futile. Do not cut corners on printing as you will end up with a shabby product label which will come as a bummer. Check out previous samples of the service provider. Read their reviews and review their printing process as well. Their manufacturing methods must be thoroughly understood before you make a selection.

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Various Types of Fix-a-form Multi-Page Labels Explained

Fix-a-form multi-page labels have been around for quite a while. Their importance has increased year by year and no contemporary business can imagine their marketing without these multi-functional labels. In this post, we will take a look at some of the most commonly available and used multi-page labels, but before we do that let’s take a look at some of the purposes they are used for:

– Chemicals and drugs: For displaying health and safety requirements, ingredients, nutrients and legal requirements of product info.

– Food: recipes, nutrients, cooking instructions, manufacturing date, best used before etc.

– Competition: Add a unique code to each unit and have an edge over competition.

– Promotional purposes: Roll out discounts, offers and promo codes to get that much needed attention from your customers.

Different types of multi-page labels

Leaflet labels

According to adhesive label printing companies, there are numerous labels available in the market; however, leaflet labels and fold out labels are the oldest in the multi-page label range. These labels are preferred as they offer almost unlimited amount of space making it easy to put tons of information on the label.

Booklet labels

These labels are pretty easy to open and use. They are considered the most apt for repeated reference information that includes safety instructions and key product information. Whether you are looking for a lengthy booklet label of more than 100 pages or a pharmaceutical booklet, it is possible with utmost ease. All you need to do is hire a competent firm offering booklet label printing services and you are all good to go.

Concertina Labels

Concertina labels are your go to labels if you are looking for a cost-effective and engaging solution, especially when you have a limited amount of space, but have quite a lot of information to convey. These labels are considered ideal for almost any size and shape of product container. You can use concertina labels if you are looking for interactive labels which encourage repeated purchases.

Peel and reveal labels

As the name suggests, the upper layer of these labels can be easily peeled away to reveal information on the lower pages. It is a cost-effective and space saving element. As you know the list of ingredients is usually pretty long and if you were to put it all besides usage directions and name and address, you would certainly need a magnifying glass to read it. Thanks to peel and reveal labels as they make your life quite easy. You can assign a different page to each different element of information.

Fix-a-form Tri/Dual Layer

This type of label is pretty versatile and dynamic. There is a removable top layer and stationary bottom layer and these are often used for promotional items, inventory tracking, business reply cards and registration cards.

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Why are Self Adhesive Labels an excellent packaging solution and cost effective?

Self adhesive labels are indispensable to any business. They render identity to a product or a brand. Since the contemporary marketing space demands for solutions to the T, the label packaging becomes an important tool helping market the products off the shelves. Most of the businesses fail because they underestimate the power of pressure sensitive adhesive label packaging. As a result, they are unable to project their products in a certain way seldom connecting with the end user.

These labels are a sophisticated means of packaging, eliminating the need of any separate gluing process and can be applied automatically using a label applicator. Mordern day printing and finishing techniques offer a variety of finishes, creating a look and feel resonating with the brand.

According to adhesive label printing companies, labels can be seen asan effective packaging solution and offer plethora of benefits. Let’s take a look at these benefits:

Highly customizable

A label is like an artist’s canvas. A platform to bring out your creativity. Look and feel can be handpicked. Apart from the brand’s artwork a wide variety of value added features can be used to enhance the aesthetics. Features can be added to fight counterfeiting or user engagement through promotions.

Are your products oddly shaped? Do they make you concerned about finding the right label? If the answer is yes, you no longer need to worry! Pressure sensitive adhesive labels are perfect for your product packaging. These labels come in a variety of colors, shapes and sizes. PSA labels can be easily customized according to your requirements.


These self adhesive labels come with different constructions that are suitable for various conditions, be it a rigid, semi rigid or squeezable surface. The face material ranges from uncoated to coated papers, to a variety of filmic substrates. Specialized adhesives are also available which require performance in extreme temperatures. Food safe requirements can be met easily using latest technology.

Cost effective

PSA label printing is a cost effective solution whether in bulk or smaller quantities. Depending on your applications and needs you can buy rolls or sheets. Labor costs can be reduced by a huge margin, if you choose to go for self-adhesive labels. In some cases they also eliminate the use of a tertiary packaging.


Durability is another huge advantage of self adhesive labels. Since they can easily withstand extreme temperatures and has good light fastness, they are considered way better than conventional labeling options which succumb to moisture, contaminants and temperature. Pressure sensitive adhesive labels handle these issues quite easily.

Easy to use

These labels are pretty easy to use. For the same reason, they save you plenty of time. Technology has certainly made these labels better than ever before. They are amazingly versatile, cost-effective and durable. They can be easily used for a number of functionalities regardless of the market segment. Adhesive labels have gained immense popularity for the same reason over the years.

If your business also needs adhesive labels, then you must hire a reputed adhesive label printing company to do the job for you. Hope you found the post useful. For more information related to self adhesive labels, feel free to get in touch with us. We will be more than happy to answer all your queries related to PSA label printing.

Benefits of Fix a Form Labels

Fix a Form Labels

Majority of brand owners have started to understand the significance of booklet label, an important category under packaging labels. Packaging renders a brand ora product the identity it needs, and when it comes to multipage labels ‘less is more’. According to label printing companies, these labels are not just a medium to communicate with your customers. For instance, in the pharmaceutical sector labels help customers know about the dosage instructions. These labels also convey crucial information such as benefits and warnings.

Other names of multipage labels

Multipage labels are known by many other names such as multi-panel labels, fold-out labels, extended text labels and concertina labels. Fix a form labels are quite popular and offer a wide array of advantages. In this post, we will shed light on the advantages of fix a form leaflet/booklet labels.

Inclusion of detailed information

One can easily include detailed information as well as quality images on the packaging. This is possible even for small sized packaging without hampering the original packaging footprint.

Compliance benefits

According to packaging and label companies, when you include necessary and extensive instructions, dosage, contra-indications and application information, you comply with mandatory relevant legislation. You can get the instructions printed in more than one language, if need be.

Easy to read information

Fix a form labels are quality labels. That’s why the information on these labels is easy to read and legible. This is true for a variety of environmental conditions.

Labels reach the user intact

Fix a form labels are securely attached to the product which is why the information reaches the end user quite intact.

Include promotional messages

If you wish you can also add more space to the packaging to include promotional messages and information about your new product range. Besides, you can also include tips, recipes and a lot more, say label printing companies.

Increased user engagement

Another major advantage of using a fix a form label is increased user engagement. It is a nice and interactive promotional tool which drives interest. Besides, it is cost effective as you can easily avoid redesigning costs.

No need of separate leaflets

These labels eradicate the need of separate labels and leaflets which helps reduce waste and carbon footprint on our environment.

These are just a few of many benefits of choosing fix a form labels. If you are considering booklet labels, make sure you hire a reputed label printing company in order to get the job done in a professional manner.

​​Unick Fix-a-Form to debut at Interpack with label innovations

Label Innovations

Participating for the first time at the world’s largest packaging expo, Interpack 2017, Ahmedabad-based booklet label specialist Unick Fix-a-Form will showcase innovations in booklet labels and anti-counterfeiting features.
The company has booked a nine sq/m stand at FG-East 15-2-29.

Speaking to PrintWeek India, Priyank Vasa, development and strategy director at the company said, “In the last few years we have developed several label innovations with regards to value additions in booklet labels and PSA labels and developed several anti-counterfeiting and tamper-evident features such as security strips, customisable void labels etc. We have several solutions that focus on the functionality of the product. The idea is to leverage the global platform of Interpack to showcase our strength and expertise and expand the reach.”

Vasa highlighted some Braille booklet labels and a recent job of 120-page booklet label accomplished for an agro-chemical company.

Established in 1984, Unick Fix-a-Form & Printers was perhaps the first company in India to introduce Fix-A-Form leaflet/booklet labels in India in its early years. Unick has also partnered with Fix-A-Form International, a part of UK-based Denny Bros Group.

The company is managed by director Hemen Vasa and his son Priyank, who has completed his engineering in printing technology from Manipal Institute of Technology. The father-son duo is upbeat about the business. Hemen Vasa said, “Even though India is a price-sensitive market, the export from India is a good business. The changing US and EU regulations have generated immense scope for the Indian industry.” Among the new developments, the company plans to diversify into shrink sleeves, IML, and mono cartons.

What are booklet labels ?

Booklet labels

Booklet labels combine an ordinary folded leaflet with a Printed self-adhesive labelUnick Fix-a-Form & Printers Ltd is part of an exclusive network of label printing companies and sole suppliers of Fix-a-Form multi-page labels serving the Indian packaging industry since 1993.

Devised by sister company Fix-a-Form International in the late 1970’s for an agrochemical manufacturer, the Fix-a-Form® brand is today in global demand. Today Fix-a-Form booklet labels are available from over 20 licensees in more than 50 territories.

Booklet labels offer a range of advantages for brand owners and manufacturers. Here’s a short summary of the benefits:

  • Increased space for information and promotion.
  • Vital instructions instantly available to the end-user.
  • Automatically applied using standard labelling equipment.
  • Adaptable to virtually any container type, in a variety of formats.
  • Reduces packaging costs – no need for separate leaflet and carton.

Laminated versions for moisture resistance, durability & application to tightly curved containers.

The benifits of multipage labels

Benifits of Multipage Labels

Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels – providing almost unlimited space, where space is limited The multi-page leaflet label system, Fix-a-Form, is truly tailor-made to solve most packaging challenges. Whilst occupying only the space of a standard self-adhesive label, Fix-a-Form leaflet labels can provide almost unlimited additional space for your user instruction or product information. To a brand owner or packaging provider this can be a distinct advantage, especially where space for such information is at a premium. Some of the many advantages of Fix-a-Form leaflet labels:

  • Virtually any shape or size
  • Supplied on reels
  • May be applied using standard automatic label application equipment
  • A wide choice of materials for a variety of storage/ display conditions
  • Weather resistant/ Storage in damp conditions/ Protection against liquid spillages/ Chiller/ freezer storage conditions
  • User-friendly
  • Adaptable to virtually any container or product
  • Re-sealable or removable leaflet options

Braille labelling

Braille labelling

The Braille system was devised in 1825 by a Frenchman Louis Braille, who himself was blind. Braille is read by passing one’s fingers over embossed characters made up of 6 points. The Braille alphabet is not a language itself but a means of representing letters and/ or words of a language. Where packaging and labelling is concerned, the 6 points in each block can be printed onto the self-adhesive label or embossed onto the carton to form letters of the alphabet or even complete words. Braille has been adapted to almost every known language.

Some facts about Braille*:
It has been mandatory to include Braille on all new EU Marketing Authorisations since 30th October 2005. According to Article 56(a) of Council Directive 2001/83/EC it will be mandatory to include Braille on all EU pharmaceutical packaging by October 2010. This includes pharmaceutical products which were launched prior to October 2005.

Braille must show the name of the medicine and the appropriate strength, where more than one strength is available. In some markets the dose-form will also be required, where more than one dose is available. Inclusion of Braille on pharmaceutical packaging will significantly improve the safety of medicines for blind Braille readers.

Agrochemical labelling

Clear product information and safety and usage instructions can be conveyed to the end-user as the Fix-a-Form leaflet label may be applied directly onto the pack or container using standard label application, often where space for extra text is at a premium.

In addition to complying with legislation and consumer demand for increasing product information, Fix-a-Form multi-page labels reduce the need for excess packaging and minimise the risk of ‘lost’ instructions.

High gloss laminated options maximise moisture resistance during in-field use. Booklet and cross-fold formats offer additional ease of use. All leaflet label options are also available in re-sealable designs whereby the printed booklet or leaflet adheres directly to the product or container whilst allowing for repeat reference.

For further information contact Unick Fix-a-Form & Printers Ltd today.