The benifits of multipage labels

Benifits of Multipage Labels

Fix-a-Form® multi-page labels – providing almost unlimited space, where space is limited The multi-page leaflet label system, Fix-a-Form, is truly tailor-made to solve most packaging challenges. Whilst occupying only the space of a standard self-adhesive label, Fix-a-Form leaflet labels can provide almost unlimited additional space for your user instruction or product information. To a brand owner or packaging provider this can be a distinct advantage, especially where space for such information is at a premium. Some of the many advantages of Fix-a-Form leaflet labels:

  • Virtually any shape or size
  • Supplied on reels
  • May be applied using standard automatic label application equipment
  • A wide choice of materials for a variety of storage/ display conditions
  • Weather resistant/ Storage in damp conditions/ Protection against liquid spillages/ Chiller/ freezer storage conditions
  • User-friendly
  • Adaptable to virtually any container or product
  • Re-sealable or removable leaflet options